Seasonal skin care

The mesoestetic products that you should include in your routine if you have a dry, dehydrated skin

17 January 2019

When you look at the mirror, you see your skin dull and lacking radiance. You use your regular moisturising cream, but it is absorbed too fast and you feel tightness and dryness. In mesoestetic we have the products you must include in your winter beauty routine to return a healthy look to your skin.

During the winter time, it is normal to use additional products that provide extra moisturising. The skin of the face suffers the consequences of sudden temperatures changes, cold, winter... so it is crying out for specific care that helps survive low temperatures and inclement weather.


The usual care.


You already know it, cleansing + moisturising + protection.

Both in the summer and in the winter these are the essential steps of any beauty guru. Not using make-up because it is Sunday or cloudy days are not a reason for skipping any of these steps, do not neglect your routine. Yes, morning and night.


And the extra moisturising.


In mesoestetic we develop specific solutions for each type of skin and according to given needs.


melan recovery


If your problem is irritation and aging, melan recovery is your treatment! Combats reactive signs and provides an immediate feeling of relief. Its benefits include the reduction of skin sensitivity and reinforcing skin defences against external aggressions or after medical-aesthetic treatments. Re-balances the skin barrier, providing comfort, elasticity and smoothness to the skin.


hydra-vital factor k



It is an ultra-moisturising cream indicated to return smoothness and elasticity to dry skin. Ideal for the winter, as it reinforces skin protection against external aggressions, neutralising the free radicals responsible for premature aging.



regenerance active



It is a non-oily moisturising gel specific for mixed skin. Thanks to its high regenerating power, it can restructure the outermost skin layers, providing elasticity, smoothness and softness. The combination of its active ingredients prevents the formation of wrinkles and causes an immediate tightening effect.



Caring for the skin in the winter is as important as doing it in the summertime. Perseverance and the use of adequate solutions according to your skin needs will be your great allies to achieve a uniform, radiant tone and a healthy, moisturised skin.


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