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Inés Sastre, an international model, has experienced first hand the results of dermamelan® in treating skin spots.

learn about Inés Sastre's experience with dermamelan®

A reference clinical case, such as Inés Sastre's, reveals the reality of many women facing the problem of resistant hyperpigmentations.

After undergoing several unsuccessful treatments, Inés Sastre has relied on dermamelan® to treat her spots, and she is now telling us about her experience throughout the treatment.

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"I had undergone several depigmentation treatments beforehand, although none with this spectacular result."

After 4 months of treatment, how would you rate the results obtained?

The result is spectacular, my spots have reduced visibly, and I notice my skin much younger and more hydrated. I had already thrown the towel, as I had tried other depigmentation methods without success.

When did you start seeing results on your skin?

The results are progressive. The spots start disappearing throughout the treatment. It is very important to be consistent and follow the guidelines and recommendations given by the doctor.

Have your skin care habits changed following the treatment?

Yes, now I take much more care of my skin. I am very aware of the damage that the sun can cause on my skin. One thing that is never missing in my handbag is sunscreen. mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment contol, I love it, it is absorbed very easily and the colour blends perfectly with my skin.

The treatment consists in a first session in consultation and a home treatment that lasts 4 months. How was your experience in consultation? Did you feel any pain or discomfort?

It is totally painless, simple and very fast. The doctor applies two masks on your face, and you go home and keep them on for 4 hours. Then, you remove both masks, which is easier to do. After removing the masks, my skin felt a little more sensitive, but there was no further discomfort.

As for home treatment, how was your experience?

The most important thing is to be consistent and strictly follow the doctor's instructions. You have to apply several cosmetic products, but it is perfectly compatible with one's habitual routine.

In addition to the effect on skin spots, did you feel any added benefits with the treatment?

Yes, I noticed the skin much more renewed, hydrated and youthful looking.

Lastly, would you recommend dermamelan to people with skin spots?

Of course, I would recommend it. It is a very effective and comprehensive treatment.

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