The ideal age to start treating the signs of ageing depends on each person and their lifestyle. However, the needs of the skin change over time and this determines the most suitable cream to use to combat chrono-ageing.

when to start using anti aging products

At what age is it good to start using anti aging products?

Prevent, this is the first step of any anti aging treatment. From the age of 20 it is important to start offering the skin resources that help delay the appearance of signs of ageing: cleanse the skin daily, moisturize the skin with the appropriate cream and, above all, protect it from the sun.

Skin aging is a gradual process that manifests itself in alterations in the appearance and texture of the skin. The first symptom is usually the loss of luminosity of the dermis, followed by loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles.

These signs are normally progressive, as they become stronger over time. However, it is important to prevent them from increasing.

What products to apply to prevent skin aging?

mesoestetic® has developed the age element® anti-aging range, which adapts to the needs of the skin at different stages. It acts on the epigenetic markers responsible for skin aging and manages to counteract the signs of aging on the skin.

To illuminate the skin

At age 30, the first lines of expression usually begin to appear. Although they are not marks as a result of physiological age, it is advisable to change the beauty routine and provide the skin with creams rich in vitamins. The age element® brightening solutions range has an intensive antioxidant action, which enhances the luminosity of the face and prevents premature aging.

cuando empezar a usar crema antiarrugas


Formulas and textures designed to treat the first signs of chrono and photoaging that revitalize and illuminate the skin.

To provide firmness to the dermis

In the stage of 40-45 years, the main thing is to keep the skin firm and stimulate the functions of the cells responsible for the appearance of the dermis.

The skin begins to lose collagen naturally, which is the most abundant protein in the skin and responsible for the firmness of the dermis.

The age element® firming solutions range is formulated to treat the loss of skin firmness and the definition of the facial oval. Its composition contains tensor peptides and phytoactives with a lifting effect.

cuando empezar a usar crema antiarrugas


Formulas and textures designed to firm the skin, provide density and redefine the facial contour.

To treat wrinkles and expression lines

When the skin is already in a degree of advanced photo and chrono aging, it requires a lot of hydration. The age element® anti-wrinkle solutions is designed with a unique combination of active ingredients specially selected for their regenerative properties.

cuando empezar a usar crema antiarrugas


Regenerative solutions that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines by retexturing the skin.