We are going to explain what sensitive skin is and how to take care of it with products specifically designed to calm the skin and restore its balance.

sensitive skin what is

Do you have sensitive or sensitized skin? If you suffer from this skin condition, you will be happy to know that an appropriate facial care routine can help you treat signs of sensitivity and restore your skin's comfort.

What is sensitive or sensitized skin?

Sensitive skin is a skin condition characterized by excessive reaction to external stimuli. This sensitivity of the skin can be identified by several signs and symptoms that can appear permanently or temporarily, such as redness, a tendency to dryness or even peeling, itching and irritation. Depending on the origin and characteristics, we can distinguish between:

  • sensitive skin, which is conditioned by genetic factors and is more frequent in women and people with low phototype skins (I-II) (I-II)

  • sensitized skin, which, even though healthy skin, may show occasionally or permanently signs of sensitivity due to external agents (environmental factors, pollution, inappropriate cosmetics or aesthetic treatments, and so on) or internal factors (hormonal changes, stress or lower defenses).

How to treat sensitive or sensitized skin

sensitive skin solutions is a range of products designed to treat permanent and temporary skin sensitivity and restore and restore the skin's balance, with maximum skin tolerance. With the aim of restoring this type of skin's health and well-being, sensitive skin solutions helps balance the cutaneous microbiota and preserve the barrier function and defences against pathogens. It also has an antioxidant effect, which provides protection against the external agents that skin is exposed to on a daily basis. In addition, its innovative formulas have a soothing, anti-redness and restorative action.

A care routine for sensitive skins:


Intensive concentrate with calming effect for sensitive and sensitized skin

skin balance is a concentrate that reduces reactive skin manifestations such as redness, itching and irritation. 

It provides an intensive calming, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, biobalancing and antioxidant action. It contains plant-based active ingredients to restore the skin: panthenol, aloe vera extract and marigold extract.

How to use: apply, as the first step of the routine, 3-4 drops on clean and dry skin and massage until completely absorbed.

Cream that reduces redness and capillary fragility in skin that is prone to couperose

couperend cream alleviates the redness of sensitive skin that is prone to couperose. With a relipidant, biobalancing and antioxidant action.

The combination of sweet clover, ruscus and hesperidin and escin extracts helps eliminate visible redness, strengthens the capillaries and exerts an anti-inflammatory effect. Rich in squalene and panthenol, it provides elasticity and nutrition, preventing against peeling and skin irritation.

How to use: apply after the specific treatment's concentrate and massage until fully absorbed.

Calming and anti-redness mask for sensitive and sensitized skin

anti-stress mask is an intensive mask that soothes and relieves skin with redness, providing an anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, biobalancing and anti-pollution action.

Formulated with rhodosorus marinus, saffron flower, aloe vera, chamomile and marigold extract.

How to use: 2 times per week or when needed. Generously apply on clean and dry skin and allow to act for 10-15 minutes. Remove the excess with a sponge or damp towel.

The entire range is made up of high tolerance and safety formulas, endorsed by dermatological studies.

Discover sensitive skin solutions and start taking care of your sensitive skin!