Once the holidays have finished and we’ve returned to our routine, some of the excesses of the summer show up on our skin in the form of dark spots. cosmelan® by mesoestetic® is the definitive method for eliminating patcheson the skin and controlling their reappearance.

The general concern for these spots, of melanic origin, is accentuated at this time of year when, after subjecting the skin to more extreme external factors, these aesthetically unsightly marks remain on the skin.

Hyperpigmentations of a melanic origin can manifest due to diverse factors: extended sun exposure, lack of sun protection, ageing, medication; or other types of internal factors, such as pregnancy, genetics, hormonal variations, etc.

Cosmelan by mesoestetic is the world’s leading professional depigmentation method. It keeps hyperpigmentations of melanic origin under control by means of its corrective and regulating double action.

Cosmelan acts on all skin types, regardless of phototype, conceals patches on clear and dark skins and reduces the risk of spots reappearing after application to a minimum.

The treatment is divided into 4 phases and also has complementary treatments, making each process a unique treatment, personalised to satisfy the needs of each patient’s skin.

Post-summer is the ideal time to start the cosmelan method. Avoiding contact with the sun is essential for the success of this depigmenting treatment by mesoestetic.

The cosmelan method must be applied by a professional and it is essential to receive a personalised diagnosis prior to the treatment. To know more about cosmelan by mesoestetic, click here.