Montse, better known as mon_rovi for her known Instagram profile, has told us her beauty tips, her favourite mesoestetic products and what she uses to be perfect in all her events. If you also think you are an unstoppable traveller and have a hectic social life, we invite you to discover the secrets of Montse. Follow her tips and become a beauty expert!

At what age did you begin to care for your skin?

I was always struck by the subject of beauty. When I was very young and saw my mother in front of the mirror using her creams, I liked to take them, smell them, touch them... I used to ask her what they were for.

What is your daily beauty routine?

The most important is to follow a good cleansing and moisturising routine, both in the morning and at night. For this I use the ultimate W+ whitening foam, I love its texture when mixed with water. Then I use hydra milk cleanser to remove the traces of make-up that may be left and finally a few drops of aox ferulic for its powerful antioxidant action.

What is your beauty secret to keep your skin young and radiant? 

The best kept secret is a universal truth, in addition to using mesoestetic products, I am very perseverant in my routines. I always protect myself from the sun, drink a lot of water and live a very healthy life, eating healthy and practising sports.

And for special moments? You have a party and want to be the perfect guest, how do you prepare your skin? 

As I told you before, the most important is to have the skin well hydrated, so the night before the event I apply myself anti-stress face mask as soothing, repairing mask. Then I use melatonin ampoules which enhance the night mechanisms of repair and accelerate antioxidant defences. It is perfect to get up with a rested skin!

The day of the event antiaging flash ampoules and collagen 360 eye contour. And let’s shine!

And now that Saint Valentine’s Day is near, what mesoestetic product would you use for a first appointment? 

I love the serum collagen 360 essence, apply it before make-up and you will look great for the appointment! 😉

What product makes you say: Mum, you must try it!?

aox ferulic, without a doubt! Mother, sister, aunt, neighbour... everybody should try it!

Have you tried any mesoestetic treatment in cabin?

Yes, I am a big fan of professional treatments! I do the microneedling treatment to get a perfect skin. For the body, I follow regular bodyshock + Genesis sessions, they are designed to reduce cellulite, and the results are fantastic.

If you could only choose one mesoestetic product, what would it be? Why? 

Oh, I like so many… If I had to choose one, I think it would be antiaging flash ampoules. Its effect is immediate and sometimes I am in such a hurry and with so many events that its effect seems to be miraculous.