After over 5 years of research, mesoestetic® launches this innovative formula to the market, which increases the depigmenting synergy and reduces the protocol time frames.

Depigmenting medical treatment dermamelan®

Skin hyperpigmentation is a global concern and a growing problem worldwide in all ethnicities and skin phototypes. It has a negative effect on the patient's quality of life, which is why mesoestetic has spent over 30 years constantly pursuing innovation in the field of depigmentation.

dermamelan® is the leading anti-spot treatment for its high efficacy in correcting and controlling all types of skin spots. After over 5 years of research, mesoestetic® launches this innovative formula to the market, which increases the depigmenting synergy and reduces the protocol time frames, making it even more effective and comfortable for the patient.

The differential benefit of dermamelan®: it inhibits further melanin formation

dermamelan® is a unique and all-round treatment thanks to its dual corrective and regulating action: it eliminates skin hyperpigmentation while it regulates the overproduction of melanin, inhibiting and controlling the reappearance of new spots. It also acts as a powerful antiaging treatment. The skin's renewal results in further quality and luminosity and eliminates wrinkles and expression lines.

dermamelan® treatment: medical and home pack

The new dermamelan® also intervenes in the processes of inflammation and vascularisation, as well as in hormonal activation

The new dermamelan® aims to achieve an impact on these molecular processes and avoid the activation of melanogenesis. Recent scientific studies have linked these three processes to dark spots:

  • Inflammatory component. Inflammation is directly linked to the stimulation of melanin production
  • Vascular component. An increased angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) has been discovered in melasma. Therefore, there is a link between an increase of vascularisation and melanogenesis (melanin formation).
  • Hormonal component. Finally, and perhaps the most obvious and well-known property, is the hormonal activation’s role in melanogenesis.

Two new patents filed: a new molecule synthesised in-house and a complex of active ingredients

  • melaphenone®. mesoestetic has designed, modelled and synthesised in-house a synthesis molecule capable of neutralising an enzyme that plays a key role in hyperpigmentation: tyrosinase (responsible for melanin production).
  • (SYN)PIGMENTARGET is an exclusive complex that combines 3 active ingredients with a high synergic potential. In vitro studies have proven that the efficacy in the inhibition of tyrosinase is 2.5 times greater when the active ingredients are combined, as opposed to their individual activity. This is what makes this triad of active ingredients patentable: its synergistic potential and, especially, its radically new combination.
Before and after the treatment (1)
Before and after the treatment (2)

Significant protocol improvements

  • Exposure time (4 hours). New developments have allowed for a significant reduction in the method's exposure time during the consultation phase, bringing it down to 4 hours total, regardless of phototype (before it was 8-12 hours). This breakthrough has been achieved as a result of the active ingredients being more powerful and the vehiculisation technology.
  • Total treatment time (4 months). In turn, the home protocol's time frame has also been reduced thanks to the efficacy improvements made to the home formula (previously 6 months). The result is also an enhanced patient well-being, having made the protocol simpler and compatible with their lifestyle.
  • Daily application frequency (twice).

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