The company’s entire staff has been involved in the Banc dels Aliments (Food Bank) campaign this year. Sor Lucía Caram, representing the Banc dels Aliments, has thanked the company’s employees for their willingness to help people in need.

mesoestetic Pharma Group has participated in the Gran Recapte campaign this year, organised by the Banc dels Aliments. The company, with headquarters in Viladecans, has involved over 120 employees, who have collaborated by supplying over 500 kg of food for disadvantaged families.

“At mesoestetic we firmly believe in people's capability and in the positive impact of charitable initiatives such as the Gran Recapte”, explains Joan Carles Font, Chairman and founder of the mesoestetic Pharma Group. “We are proud of how successful this initiative has been with our team of professionals, and of the involvement they have shown from the start”.

In turn, Sor Lucía Caram, explained that “The Banc dels Aliments wishes to thank mesoestetic for its collaboration with the Gran Recapte. Over 500 kg of staple foods and other items such as nappies, which form part of the record more than four million kilograms collected this year, are another example of how charitable the Catalan people are when asked to help those in need”.

Mesoestetic's cooperation with charities and charitable initiatives goes beyond its participation in the Gran Recapte. The company is involved in the "Invulnerable" project, which involves public and private companies in the fight against childhood poverty.