mesoestetic Pharma Group, a world benchmark pharmaceutical company on depigmentation and antiaging treatments, presents its new ambassador, the 10 times kitesurf world champion Gisela Pulido

Gisela junto al Sr.Font y María José Almansa, socios fundadores de mesoestetic.

mesoestetic, a pharmaceutical company leader in the aesthetic medicine industry with over 30 years of history, trusts one of the younger champions, with more awards in our country, to convey its excellence brand values and know-how.


Gisela Pulido is probably the youngest world champion in the history of sports, as she won her first kitesurf world championship in the professional KPWT circuit in November 2004, at the age of 10 years.


In the words of Joan Carles Font, founding partner of mesoestetic Pharma Group: “Gisela is an example of perseverance and effort. We are very proud of having her in mesoestetic team as we identify ourselves with her willingness and enthusiasm to continue growing. In addition, her continuous contact with the sea and sports make her the ideal profile for representing our solar line, mesoprotech, and our body line, bodyshock.”


Her presentation as ambassador of mesoestetic brand took place in the current corporate headquarters, located in Viladecans (Barcelona) and opened in the year 2012, where the head offices, manufacturing plants, Biotechnology Unit, Unit of Follow-up and Observational Control and the logistic platform distributing to over 92 markets where the company is present are located.


I am very happy to be part of the mesoestetic team, it is an honour to be its ambassador. Taking care of myself and my body by practising sports, having a healthy diet and, of course, taking care of what I apply to my skin is very important to me. I could not be in better hands”, Gisela Pulido assures.


mesoestetic wants to thus link to values such as excellence, self-commitment to improve oneself, perseverance and courage, values that mesoestetic and Gisela Pulido share, each applying them in their field of specialisation.


Gisela Pulido, nueva embajadora de mesoestetic

Interview with Gisela Pulido


  • Which mesoestetic values do you identify yourself with?

When I learned the history of mesoestetic the first I appreciated is effort and improvement, two values that are highly present for me in my daily life. mesoestetic started in a retail pharmacy and has been able to be found all over the world. I think I identify myself with this self-improvement.

  • Your profile is very attractive for many brands, what led you to choose mesoestetic to lend your image?

mesoestetic is a very friendly company, they have treated me like one of them since we started to talk about collaboration, they have shown me how they create the products and the process they undergo. What I like the best is the rigour of this process to reach excellence and the individualization of each product for each type of skin.


  • What are the basics of your beauty routine?

I think it is important to keep your skin clean and then moisture it well to maintain it throughout the day. This is the first I do in the morning when I wake up. It is a must! A well cared skin gives me confidence.


  • How do you care for your skin spending so much time outdoors and in contact with the sun and seawater? Pre-exposure and post-exposure care

I use a very high sunscreen and I like that the products I choose have a high quality so that they do not result in other aesthetic problems.

And after the sun, a lot of hydration! I like a lot mesoestetic energy C line, it has different products with a high Vitamin C concentration, that provide glow to your skin.

  • What is your favourite mesoestetic line/product?

mesoprotech range is a solar range with different products indicated for the different types of skin. It is important to be protected from the sun, but, if the product also meets the needs of our skin, the benefits are twofold. The mesoprotech sun protective repairing stick format for sensitive areas is extremely convenient for reapplication, you can take it along with you anywhere.