Did you know that the skin has a different behaviour during daytime and at night? Discover how to adapt your beauty routine to circadian rhythms to obtain the best results.

Most probably you will have wondered why there are products recommended for daytime use and others recommended for application at night, and how important it is to follow this recommendation. From mesoestetic we confirm that applying each product at the time indicated is extremely important to achieve more effective, longer-lasting results. Take advantage of these days at home to start a beauty routine in line with circadian rhythms!

Our body and all cells making it up are regulated by a biological clock that is naturally adjusted and activated on the basis of external signals associated with light and darkness.

Circadian rhythms, controlled by the biological clock, make up the life cycle that controls the body daily to fulfil essential functions such as regulating body temperature, balancing sugar and hormone levels, and controlling the cell regeneration and repair system, amongst other functions.

During the day, circadian rhythms stimulate skin awakening, increasing its self-protection potential and optimising vitamin D biotransformation. Therefore, it is recommended to use products with antioxidant action as main property, since they will protect us from aggressions by external agents.

At night, circadian rhythms increase cell repair and regeneration rate as the skin is not subject to external aggressions. In addition, microcirculation increases, generating a higher detoxification and a greater supply of nutrients to our cells. The recommended products for night application contain active ingredients which stimulate skin self-repair and self-regeneration mechanisms, thus helping repair the damages caused during daytime.

Furthermore, there are products based on chronobiology, called smart cosmeceutics, that act on the basis of the time when they are applied on the skin. The same product, with the same active ingredients, will have different properties depending on whether it is applied at daytime or at night. collagen 360° essence antiaging serum, thanks to the chronosmart peptide, stimulates skin awakening and self-protection at daytime and increases its repair and renewal capacity at night.

mesoestetic collagen 360 essence

From mesoestetic we make available to you a number of products for daytime and night application, so that you synchronise your beauty routine with circadian rhythms and obtain better results:

In the morning, apply pollution defense ampoules over the clean, dry skin of your face for protection against oxidising agents and specifically against environmental pollution. It will provide you with long-term hydration that you will maintain all day long.

To prevent, stop and maintain the body fat levels generated, apply bodyshock total reducer, also in the morning, with a circular massage.

At night, use melatonin ampoules, an intensive antiaging night treatment that enhances regeneration processes to counteract the action caused by external aggressions during daytime, preventing and correcting the effects of skin aging.

Before bedtime, apply bodyshock night reducer on the areas where you want to combat localised fat deposits and help drain excess fluids. The plankton extract included uses the circadian rhythm and skin receptivity in rest hours to act.