The eye contour is an especially delicate area with anatomical characteristics that require a specific treatment: discover the most effective medical-aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance around your eyes.

The skin around the eyes is noted for being an area of high gesticulation, and it becomes thinner and frailer with age. Consequently, expression lines appear, known as crow's feet, and the skin in the lower eyelid turns brown or blue (under-eye circles), resulting in a more tired appearance. Here we'll update you on the latest advances in medical treatments to beautify the appearance around your eyes.

If under-eye circles and crow's feet concern you, you already probably know that the most common solutions for these are surgically removing the fat pads, treating the wrinkles in the eye contour with botulinum toxic and correcting the under-eye circles with reticulated hyaluronic acid. However, a corrective treatment will not suffice. It is essential that we undergo a treatment that acts on the root of the problem by first acting on the area's various imperfections at a cellular level.

Different methods have been designed to treat holistically the imperfections in the area around the eyes, such as peels, mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid injections. Here's more…

Chemical peels

This procedure consists in provoking an accelerated skin regeneration in a controlled manner by applying chemical exfoliating agents. The peeling action on the skin tissue helps remove the external layers of the skin, acting on different depths of the skin tissue. This leads to further moisture in the dermis, a reorganization and stimulation of the structural elements of the dermis and an increased fibroblast activity, which synthesizes the various macromolecules of the extracellular matrix. The aim of applying a chemical peel around the eyes is to reduce wrinkles and provide turgor, unify the complexion, correct imperfections and lighten pigmentation lesions.

mesopeel® periocular is the peeling treatment that corrects imperfections in the periocular area: wrinkles in the eyelids (upper and lower) and outer sides (crow's feet), hyperpigmentation, flaccidity, loss of tissue density, under-eye circles, loss of brightness.

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Mesotherapy is a medical technique that consists in introducing active substances through the surface of the skin by means of multiple microinjections with the aim of correcting various aesthetic concerns. It is a very effective procedure for the eye contour due to combining the physical stimulation created by the needle (mechanical stimulus) and the pharmacological effect achieved with the specific cocktail of active ingredients.

mesohyal argibenone is a treatment administered intradermally that helps reduce dynamic expression lines and photoinduced damage.

mesohyal melilot is a treatment administered intradermally that improves skin cell functionality.

Reticulated hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid compensates volume reduction in facial structures, by acting as a filler that corrects anatomical alterations and rejuvenates the patient's appearance. It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive alternative, when compared to other medical and aesthetic treatments, that corrects the imperfections in the eye contour.

mesofiller® periocular is a dermal implant based on reticulated hyaluronic acid that provides a high viscosity filler for greater softness and adaptability in areas of high gesticulation.

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Susana Gómez, head of medical marketing at mesoestetic®. PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

What added value does mesoestetic®'s eye contour protocol bring?

Injecting HA in conjunction with other aesthetic medicine techniques, such as peels and mesotherapy, promote new collagen formation by fibroblasts, which are skin cells specialized in providing elasticity and firmness, thus achieving better skin quality. Although botulinum toxin is commonly used to treat expression lines, we offer a treatment with a similar action mechanism that reduces the depth of the facial expression lines caused by muscle contractions, by inhibiting skin microcontractions and immediately relaxing the area.

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