The condition and needs of the skin change with the seasons. In autumn, it is essential to repair and regenerate the skin after the aggressions of the summer.

Each season is different and it is necessary to adapt our beauty and skin care routine to the time of year: after a few months of sea salt, wind and chlorine from the pools, it is time to regenerate your skin and prepare it for the colder months. We present a simple routine in 5 steps to take care of your skin in autumn.

It is essential, whatever time of year it is, to cleanse your skin in the morning and evening, before applying any other product. In this way, we manage to remove impurities and ensure that all the active ingredients we apply penetrate the skin. In the morning, it is important to perform this facial cleansing to remove the sebum that the skin secretes during the night. At night, facial hygiene is also needed to remove impurities caused by pollution, sebum and makeup. Our cleansing solutions range is adapted to the needs of each skin type.

Exfoliating the skin is the way to remove dead cells to smooth, soften and bring luminosity to the skin. In addition, a good peel also helps all active ingredients penetrate the skin and be more effective.

ultimate micropeel is a micro-exfoliating treatment that exerts a gentle renewing action on the skin surface. Its combination of AHA's (Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Malic Acid and Tartaric Acid) with an enzymatic exfoliator, provides a weekly exfoliating and renewing action of the skin surface to reveal a smoother, softer and brighter skin. In addition, it also provides an anti-pollution action.

It's time to repair your skin! The use of antioxidants is an excellent way to protect your skin against daily aggressions, counteract aging and enhance luminosity.

aox ferulic is an advanced antioxidant concentrate that neutralizes free radicals and whose formulation provides a unique synergistic action.

  • Technological barrier that acts as a biological protection against oxidation produced by blue light.
  • Its antioxidant protection counteracts oxidative damage caused by external aggressions.
  • It enhances the synthesis of collagen and protects the cells responsible for its production.

Hydration levels in the skin are altered by factors such as; age, stress, hormonal changes, environmental factors, etc. The loss of hydration can make the skin look duller, have an irregular texture, more pronounced wrinkles, and can even produce skin sensitivity. That is why skin hydration is a fundamental stage within the facial care routine.

Our moisturising solutions range prevents dehydration and adapts to the needs of each skin type.

And finally, don't forget about sun protection! Exposure to the sun can be beneficial for the body, however, the skin does not have the natural ability to filter all the effects that punctual or accumulated overexposure has on the body. This last step of the autumn skin care routine is essential to prevent the appearance of spots and prevent premature aging of the skin. mesoprotech® is the innovative range that offers the most advanced and complete photoprotective technology adapted to all skin types.

Your skin is now healthier and more beautiful than ever, ready for winter!