Acne is one of the aesthetic problems of greatest concern for oily skins, this skin disorder is most common in adolescents, affecting 90% of young people. Mesoestetic, together with a group of dermatologists, has developed acnelan, an intensive treatment for acne-prone and sebhorrheic skins.

Oily skin produces an excess of sebum, which shows up mainly as aesthetically unsightly spots. acnelan treats moderate acne efficiently, quickly and comfortably.

Mesoestetic's treatment combines an intensive professional in-clinic treatment, with a home care programme, comprising a complete range of products. acnelan pack has been created for in-clinic treatments, comprising 3 sessions, separated by 15 to 21 day intervals, according to the reaction of each patient’s skin.

The consistency of the treatment is one of the main keys to acnelan's success, and therefore mesoestetic has formulated a range of home products that make it easy for the patient to continue with the treatment. Purifying mousse, a foam for the daily cleansing and sanitising of the skin; acne one, is a cream for daily use to control acne-prone skins; imperfection control is the magic wand of the range, a local-use cream to make stubborn spots disappear; and the pure renewing mask, an unclogging and purifying mask, perfect for use once a week.

To keep skin healthy and glowing, it is important to adopt habits that enhance the action of the mesoestetic treatment. Hygiene, avoid touching the spots that could lead to permanent marks, or using oil-free makeup are some of the routines that help control acne in a long-lasting way. Exercising, sleeping well and eating healthily, eliminating greasy and processed foods, will also positively impact the fight against acné.