Oily skin is the skin type with the most myths floating around it. Lack of hygiene? No creams? Care or aggressions?

This skin type is noted for being thicker than usual and resisting the sun and aging very well, but also for its shiny, rough and porous appearance. Oily skin is one of the three classic skin types we all know. But, maybe, we don't know about it as much as we think.

This is why, today, we are going to debunk five myths about oily skin and its care that we hear on a daily basis and that hold no (or almost no) water. We will also take the opportunity to show you a couple of good ways of treating it, keeping it healthy and radiant.

Myth 1: acne is a thing of teenagers

There is a strong belief that acne, which is directly related to oily skin, is only suffered by teenagers; in addition, this myth often goes hand in hand with other urban legends, such as that chocolate triggers acne.

This is actually untrue. There are some types of acne that can appear during adulthood (the so-called “adult acne”). Even children and babies can suffer acneic skin conditions.

Myth 2: oily skin needs to be cleansed more frequently

One of the most persistent myths is that skin gets oilier due to lack of cleansing. This is a mistake, as the production of sebum is not related to cleansing. This myth leads us to clean oily skin more intensely... sometimes, even too much.

An overly aggressive cleansing, whether with chemicals or mechanical exfoliating methods, frequently leads to dehydrated oily skin with no natural protection.

Myth 3: oily skin should not be moisturized

Another widespread myth about oily skin is the result of confusing hydration and oiliness; one thing is the lipid layer, which helps keep our skin healthy, and another is the level of moisture in the skin fibers.

The result will be a dry, tight, irritated... and oily skin. This is because our epidermis will not stop generating sebum; quite the opposite, it will multiply its production to compensate this dryness. It is a vicious circle.

Myth 4: no make up at all!

It is also often said that oily skin does not tolerate any type of make-up. In fact, this depends on the type of make-up we use; a lot of make-up is designed specifically for this skin type.

What is appropriate is using oil-free, non-comedogenic make-up, that is, avoiding the use of products that block the pores and, in turn, the release of fat from the sebaceous gland, which would lead to blackheads and potentially more acne.

Myth 5: minimize the use of cosmetics

The truth is that, in this respect, oily skin is similar to any other skin type: it is not about avoiding the use of cosmetics, but using the appropriate products, with light textures that help regulate sebum secretion and minimize imperfections.

This skin type also needs nutrition (and moisturizing). The so-called drying active ingredients can cause more problems than they solve (irritation, dermatitis, eczema, etc.).

Myth 6: lay in the sun without sun protection

The last myth we want to debunk is that the sun “dries” the skin and contributes to eliminating its oil and that sun lotions are detrimental to this skin type. Nothing further from the truth.

All skin types must be protected from the sun, especially skin with imperfections; this way, we avoid the appearance of post-inflammatory spots caused by acne. It is also important to protect the skin from the rest of the effects of solar radiation: premature aging, erythema, and other more severe problems.

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Use the right products!

As regards aesthetic products and treatments, we can see that it is important to make the correct choice.

When it comes to facial hygiene, ideally we should use facial cleansers and other cleaning solutions that are mild and have purifying and sebum-regulating properties. Within the cleansing solutions range by mesoestetic®, purifying mousse is the product indicated for this skin type. It is a balanced and anti-pollution facial foam formulated with salicylic and lactic acid that helps unclog pores and prevents the appearance of imperfections. In addition, postbiotics promote a balanced skin microbiota and pH.

When it comes to acne-prone skin, we should consider specifically designed solutions. In terms of domestic care, we recommended having various specific products: a daily moisturizing cream for oily skin, focal use cream, purifying mask and cleansing foam.

And if your skin is particularly prone to persistent acne, the time has come to consider a professional medical treatment. The acne-specific solutions by mesoestetic® help you take care of your skin, whether it is an aesthetic problem or it is affecting your health and well-being.

An oily skin condition must be treated like any other skin type, by using the appropriate products, with light textures that help minimize imperfections and regulate sebum secretion. Oily skin needs moisturizing and nutrition like other skin types; the drying active ingredients cause dehydration, irritation, dermatitis, eczema.

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