Today we will tell you how to derive maximum benefit from your beauty treatment. In mesoestetic social networks we share universal beauty tips beneficial for the skin; in this post we gather the TOP 10 of these tips to be a beauty expert.

In mesoestetic we are aware that sometimes it is not easy to choose the adequate treatment and follow the right ritual to derive the maximum benefit from the chosen product. With these 10 beauty tips you will learn from the oldest beauty keys, that still work, to how to choose a treatment according to your skin needs.


  1.       Go to your beauty clinic to know which mesoestetic treatment best suits your needs.

Before choosing a product at random or by intuition, you should rather know your skin and follow the advice from a professional; it is essential to choose the adequate treatment to obtain the desired outcomes.


  1.       Cleanse your face properly, it is the first step for all beauty routines.

Before applying any product, it is important to have the skin clean. This will help active ingredients to penetrate more easily.


  1.       Include a facial tonic in your day and night routines, it decongests your skin and removes blemishes.


  1.       Order of application: serum, eye contour, facial cream and sunscreen.

The order of product application is as important as choosing the right products.


  1.       Do not miss less visible areas. Include neck and neckline in your daily beauty routine and remember to moisturise your hands.

When applying products, we pay more attention to the face, but we should take into account other less visible areas that are also damaged; this will help you look younger.


  1.       Nutriceuticals are an extraordinary complement to enhance the outcomes of your treatment.

Complementing topical products with food supplements is the ideal solution for 100% optimization of the outcomes of your treatment.


  1.       Be aware of what you eat and activate yourself.

It is important to care for yourself both inside and out. Following a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle affect your skin quality.


  1.       Use sunscreen, it is your best antiaging product.

Sunscreen is an essential product in any routine, it does not only prevent aging, but also protects us from suffering greater problems.


  1.       Do not forget to remove your make-up.

Do always clean your skin, since letting your pores breathe is essential for the adequate application of any product.


  1.   Sleep well.

Night rest is essential for cells to repair from daily oxidative stress.